Solving The Insufficient Storage Available In 3 Steps

Regarding android phones we found out that the insufficient storage available bug is one of the most occurring problems. We found out that this is a very frequent issue regarding the android phone business. The issue shows up when a consumer wants to install a new app. Immediately after that the message insufficient storage available is one of the most common message is that can show up. The main cause of this problem is the fact that new applications are installed in the internal storage of a android phone. On top of that the not so big storage inside the android devices is an extra nuisance.

Insufficient storage Available Bug

In the attempt to solve the insufficient storage available issue, people have tried numerous solutions. Investigations shows that most of these issues showed up on devices that were rooted and when trying to test or otherwise trying to download or install a new app. There's a big difference between the real insufficient storage available message and a possible other bug, and the cell phones owner needs to distinguish between those two. The threshold that any android restrict an installation of a new application is 15 MB, the error message will show up when the storage space is lower than that.

The use of the so-called lucky patcher application has been as successful way regarding the removal of the insufficient storage available error in your android device. A copy of lucky patcher can be found on the Internet or on our website just download and install it on your android phone. After installing it go to your android phones menu and choose troubleshooting where you can remove all backups and repair files. The insufficient storage available message will no longer bother you in almost all cases.

Should you be unsuccessful resulting the insufficient storage available frustration, then you can step up to the next one. The next method will be needing the root Explorer plus the file manager. Try and find that file that cannot be installed or updated. If you located that file you can just delete it. After finishing the last steps you can try to install a new app on the previous one. And you will see that it will occur no more.

This final method is a bit more complicated but will definitely work if the first two failed to remove the insufficient storage available issue on your android phone. It will take using a Personal Computer or perhaps a notebook and starts through downloading plus setting up a Java developing Kit whether it isn't currently applied. Next you will need a new version of android SDK to be installed on your android device. Start on your PC a command prompt by pushing the start with your mouse and enter 'cmd', after that right-click on the command prompt and use administrator liberties to run. Whenever conversation container shows up, simply click ‘Yes’. Start to enter the command; cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools, regarding the ‘cmd’.

Click the menu button on your android phone afterwards, and go to settings. Choose application in the settings and afterwards to allow USB debugging click development. Immediately after doing that, hook up your mobile cell phone to your pc making use of the Universal serial bus wire. Type in the command prompt: ‘adb shell pm getInstallLocation’ resulting to get options. The choices are: '0' for installing always on the automatic storage area, '1' to set up apps on the internal storage, '2' to set up applications on the external storage. Better go for option '2' which allows you to choose your own external storage size, because android phones don't have big internal storage sizes. Lastly, visit the mobile phone and immobilize USB debugging then turn off the command prompt. That will solve more than 50 percent thru this particular 3rd step-on how-to repair insufficient storage error on android os devices. Should you be still having these issues then it can be that your phone itself has a defect.

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